Progressive Constructions Limited, a deemed Public Limited Company was originally incorporated as a partnership firm in the year 1966, has a successful history spanning over Five Decades. It is one of the premiere construction Companies in India and has registered an Annual Financial Turnover of over INR 11,735.20 millions (US $ 259.14 millions), Net Worth of over INR 2,562.66 millions (US $ 56.58 Millions) for the year 2010-2011.

The Company is founded by Shri Kavuru Sambasiva Rao; an Engineering Graduate way back in the year 1966 and thanks to his vision and far sight, the company today has the means to undertake any type of Engineering and Civil Constructions Contracts of any magnitude. Our commitment to play a catalytic role in accelerating the construction and development of modern India which includes construction of dams, aqueducts, road ways, waterways, powerhouses, tunnels, with highest degree of excellence. To broaden our expertise and experience and acquire special skills in specialized areas we have entered into joint venture agreements with leading construction Companies of the world.

Progressive's field operations are spread over various provinces of Indian Union and the nature of works that we execute constitute the life line of Indian Economy and cover a wide spectrum, such as Irrigation, Roads, Power, Water, Industrial and Other major Infrastructure sectors. Also the company has executed and executing Projects abroad in Sudan, Tanzania and Qatar and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. With the young and dynamic Chairman & Managing Director, ably assisted by dedicated executives and field staff supplemented by state-of-the art construction machinery, equipment & Quality Control Labs, the Company's name has become synonymous with quality and excellence, by virtue of which it occupies a prominent position in the construction industry of India. The Company, during its existence of over four decades had the rare distinction of not leaving even a single work awarded to it incomplete.

Progressive's extensive construction capabilities encompasses:

  • Construction of concrete/masonry/earth/rock fill dams, barrages and spillways.

  • Construction of, canals, canal structures, major Aqueducts.

  • Construction of diversion and railway tunnels and water conductors.

  • Construction of Industrial structures, building complexes.

  • Construction of flyovers, National and State Highways.